Definition Of Exclusivity On Quality

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From this past 10 years, many brands have chosen to open up and share what they are but also their values.
I believe that other brands decided to do the opposite, working on the notion of exclusivity allowing consumers to be the first, the one and only to own a certain product or to live a unique experiment.
The exclusivity of these types of services relies on a simple principle: terms and conditions to respect to be able to be offered privileges. Those types of privileges can be accessible to those who will pay the price but also to people who would take part of a certain type of organization.

How can exclusivity be defined? How to create exclusivity? What is the history of exclusivity? Where does exclusivity stand in our culture? Is
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Is luxury linked to exclusivity? Do we always have to pay to access exclusivity? Can exclusivity be affordable?
I believe that nowadays, luxury brands who tend to be reserved to elites are democratizing themselves. Aiming to reach more customers, luxury brands use new strategies: Implementation of entry-level products, collaboration with Fast fashion brands (H&M x Karl Lagerfeld).
Luxury now seems to be the tool used to prove who we are. The purpose is not about the quality of the good anymore or the service that is linked to it. I do believe that it is more about having and owning goods from luxury brand to show that we are part of an elite.
Luxury goods are known to be expensive.
Now, no matter the quality, as long as there is the brand.
Luxury, its quality and service now seem to be more common that it originally seemed to be. This democratization of luxury brands, does also have negative effects.
One of the main negative effects, I think is the big demand for counterfeit luxury goods.
If someone really wants a luxury good, but can not afford it, this person will probably buy the counterfeit version of it. With the unique purpose of making believe others that he can afford it.
‘Before, only several goods were counterfeit. Now,
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