Definition Of Friendship Between Men And Women

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Difficulty friendship between men and women
Friendship between men and women Friendships between men and women are familiar and socially recognized in all societies of the world. However, gender friendship remains a difficult and unyielding subject and its legitimacy or prohibition according to the cultures and values of peoples and their religions and intellectual systems.
The difference between love and friendship:
Is there a difference between love and friendship? Unfortunately, the useful short answer does not fit here. We must know each other's concept.
What is friendship? Why do we call someone a friend? When do we consider a person a good friend? Friendship is not the state of mind, it behaves. It's something you do whether it's good or bad, and it's not a reflection of yourself. It is a balanced relationship between people. They vary from person to person. If we know friendship superficially, we can say that we call the person a friend:
When he cares about us and be ready to help in times of distress.
With whom we share all our ideas. We do not need to explain our actions to him. He understands and does not misinterpret what happened.
Friendship and love are not the same, although friendship contains a lot of love. Friendship is so deep and intimate that everything is understood automatically without explanation or explanation.
Is a word that just does not fall into a specific definition. For some, it means having the right person for you, and for others it is a unique feeling towards a particular person to be an accomplice to the other who can not live without it.
The important part of love, which distinguishes between him and friendship is that the two people share a certain intimacy may reach the limit of physical contact does not exist in friendship. This intimacy is a physical desire. The friendship has its limits, no matter how much friendship between the two extremes never reach his physical relationship.
Love is for one person and your relationship is confined to him, and bear all his emotions. Friendship can be between more than one party. You may have more than a good friend or a bad friend.
Love makes the parties in close contact can not tolerate any of them apart from each
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