Definition Of Grievance

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• Introduction and Definition of Grievance: A grievance is any dissatisfaction or feeling of injustice having connection with one’s employment situ­ation which is brought to the attention of management. Speaking broadly, a grievance is any dissatisfac­tion that adversely affects organizational relations and productivity. To understand what a grievance is, it is necessary to distinguish between dissatisfaction, complaint, and grievance. 1. Dissatisfaction is anything that disturbs an employee, whether or not the unrest is expressed in words. 2. Complaint is a spoken or written dissatisfaction brought to the attention of the supervisor or the shop steward. 3. Grievance is a complaint that has been formally presented to a management representative…show more content…
From how long are you facing the grievance? A) Less than 6 months. B) More than 6 months. 3. Do you keep grievances to yourself? A) Always B) Sometimes C) Never 4. Whom does you report / share if you have any grievances? A) Superior B) Colleagues (discussion) C) Function Head D) Head of HR department 5. Do you directly go & discuss your grievance with immediate superior when a grievance arises? A) Always B) Sometimes C) Never 6. Does your immediate superior respond to your grievance in specify time limit? A) Yes B) No 7. How much time your superior take on a complaint (duration of handling process)? A) 2 Weeks B) 6 Weeks C) Indefinite D) Depends upon level 8. Does management has redressed your grievance? A) Yes B)
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