Definition Of Health Information Technology

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Definition of Health Informatics
“Information is power” as the popular saying goes, is never proper than now with the current digital revolution. This digital revolution has impacted every major industry (including the healthcare industry). The healthcare industry is experiencing an ever increasing production of data which has resulted in the growth of new hardware and software and specialties (Hoyt & Yoshihashi, 2014) to handle the processing and transformation of these data into information and knowledge. The utilization of these information and knowledge to drive quality patient care has been difficult for several reasons. One of the major reasons for this according to Hoyt and Yoshihashi (2014) is that technology is advancing faster than healthcare professionals can assimilate into the practice of clinical medicine and public health. One of the specialties concerned with the health data generation, transformation and the adoption of information technologies (IT) in healthcare is health informatics (HI).
The purpose of this paper is to present the definitions of HI and Health Information Technology (HIT) and the overview of the recent developments in the field, contributing players from other disciplines and how a system framework will benefit the field of HI.
Definition of HI and HIT
To define “HI”, you first need to understand the meaning of the word “informatics”. According to Merriam Webster dictionary, informatics is “the collection,…
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