Definition Of Hr Profession Map

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HR Profession Map identifies two core areas, eight professional areas, ten behaviours and four bands which are essential to be an effective HR practitioner. HR Profession Map has been developed so every HR professional across the world can use it without difficulty. No matter where you are in your HR career, there are two fundamental professional areas for all HR professionals. These areas are: • Insight, Strategy and Solutions – This area strengthens the path of the profession as a practical business discipline. This area also allows HR professionals to develop actionable perceptions and deliver situational HR resolutions that make the most difference and build a compelling circumstance for change. • Leading HR – this area focuses on…show more content…
The exercise could be both a mix of soft skills and practical work to develop role-playing and interview methods. I would also require every person to pass a practical assessment. 2. Develop and deliver assessment and selection processes to enable the organisation to make informed choices about candidates based on a full range of information. • I would have to assess what we needed to consider at the interview. What will the candidate be doing and what skills would we need to consider? For example, in our Customer Service Centre we would need to consider the following: IT Skills, Telephone Skills, Customer Service Skills and a Competency Based Interview to measure a good ‘fit’ into our business. Induction: 3. Deliver, coach and train managers, new starters and transitioning employees in the chosen induction approach. Deliver elements of the induction directly, e.g. introduction to the business strategy. • Induction is instrumental in any organisation and it is vital to new personnel to feel that they are part of the corporation that they are joining and are prepared for the job ahead giving them to best possible start in their new profession with the best possible chance to flourish. An extensive induction should combine company values, service standards, soft skills and practical skills. There would also need to be a support accessible during the probation period. These are the behaviours that an HR Practitioner
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