Definition Of Humanism As An Ethical Outlook

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A.C Grayling defines humanism as an ethical outlook in which each individual is responsible for their own choices and values while being considerate of others and building good relationships. (139) He argues that to live a good life, we should look towards humanism instead of religion because it is a social construct. Grayling outlines seven characteristics for the good life: meaningfulness of life, building relationships, being active, honest, autonomy, satisfaction, and integrity. (161) However, he stresses the importance of having meaningfulness or a purpose of life, being honest and authentic and integrity. The purpose or meaning of life is ‘What you make of it’ for yourself. It is a set of values and associated goals that give life shape and direction (162) suggesting that life is a journey or a process in which we continue to grow to. This journey is different for each individual as everyone has different experiences but it does not mean that not everyone will share similar experiences. In living our own ‘good life’, it means we have bypassed conventional values and have freedom to think for ourselves and be responsible for our own choices. By following another person 's meaning of life we are dishonouring ourselves because we are living out someone else good life and not ours. It means that we are not capable of thinking for ourselves and are bounded by a set of values we do not truly believe. Thus, we never truly flourish or have a meaningful life. The second

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