Definition Of Leadership : Today 's Economic Environment Essay

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Definition of Leadership
The modern and technically advanced workplace of today demands that strong leaders be in place so companies can continue to grow and compete for financial resources. Companies of today need more than someone who knows how to manage the available resources and ensure required tasks are completed. To be successful in today’s economic environment you need not only strong managers to take care of the day to day tasks but leaders who will inspire those around them to accomplish the tasks.
Defining Leadership
Miriam Webster’s Dictionary defines leadership as “the power or ability to lead other people; the act or instance of leading.” (Leadership, 2015). This definition is very broad and does not encompass all the leaders do for an organization. To begin with the term leadership is not an indication of a person’s rank within a company. Being a high level executive within a company is not an automatic indication of the ability to lead. A leader has the ability to influence those around them to accomplish tasks. They do this not by using authority or power but by using their personalities and experience to guide others. Additionally to be a leader, you do not need individuals who directly report to you. A true leader can be found in any position, they are the ones that coworkers turn to in times of need and seek guidance from. They are the individuals who help each person live up to their maximum potential. (Kruse, 2013)
From my viewpoint a
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