Definition Of Multicultural America

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Multicultural America has been shaped by many different groups of people. Becoming an American is the goal of people of different cultures and ethnic groups, however the path to become an American is not easy for certain groups of people. Omi and Winant say “racial categories and the meaning of race are given concrete expression by the specific social relations and historical context in which they are embedded” to illustrate that race among separate ethnic groups has developed over time. Separate ethnic groups had to face endless amounts of discrimination in their own ways to establish what was reasonable and fair to their group as a nation.The distinct line between inclusion and exclusion or universal rights and limitations, creates the question of “who really is an American?” On the other hand, members of other ethnic groups have impacted politics, social environments, and in the economy to establish a multicultural nation. From before European exploration until the present, the political ideology has been established by many cultures together to form what America’s political identity is today.
According to Foner, “Americans have long assumed...political equality ought to prevail...the cry of ‘second class citizenship’ has provided a powerful language of...protest.” For example, the period following the Civil War marks the time when African Americans and other groups that aren’t considered to be white establish voting rights with the passage of the fifteenth
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