Definition Of Organization Culture At American Airlines

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Culture Assignment Ram Balasubramanian (CWID – 50144322) MGT 585 04W – Management Skills Development College of Business - Texas A&M Commerce TABLE OF CONTENTS Abstract – Definition of Organization Culture 3 Organization Culture at American Airlines 5 Summary 9 References 13 Definition of Organization Culture There is no perfect book definition for Organization Culture. It is a term that has a generic definition and has a different meaning in different organizations. Every organization has a different culture based on its products and business and the people working in it, in order to be successful. Informally we can coin the term saying ‘the way we do things around here’ that would make the organization look ‘hip’ and ‘cool’. There are multiple ways to look at the culture of an organization more specifically, as an outcome and as a process. The outcome describes the behavior attitude of the people in the organization, the way the person treats its employees, performs the tasks, solves problems and deals with customers in resolving conflicts etc in other words the way in which the person carries out their job on a daily basis. On the other hand, the process creates the behavior, people have when carrying out their job. It can also be defined as the informal values, attitudes and the norms that control the way people behave in the organization. A general hypothesis is that if an organization possesses "strong culture"

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