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Definition of Project: As your organizational change consultant, I plan to take your company from its current state of steadily declining sales and market holdings, to becoming one of the fastest growing and most sustainable beverage companies in the world. This will not be an easy transition, but this evolution is a necessary aspect of business in today’s rapidly expanding global market (Weick, 1999). In order to achieve success, we will be implementing a systematic transformation plan from the top down. This plan will include a revamped organizational vision, a new management structure, a complete overhaul of organizational values and culture, testing and developing new products, a renewed focus on customer service and satisfaction,…show more content…
This has stretched the company financially and no one in upper level management has any experience in handling these alternate business ventures. Seagrams is failing to accommodate the ever-increasing consumer demands as well as adapting to the exponentially expanding competition in recent years. Those factors combined with a recent surge of alcohol abstinence in the United States (our largest market) and increased governmental regulation have led to a recent decline in organizational success and draws our company ever closer to failure. We must not only modify with how and where we do business, but we must mature the very way we do business and the values that we hold as an organization and workforce. Recommendations: In developing and implementing this organizational revolution, I will be working with your new CEO, Edgar Brofmna, Jr. Brofman is a visionary and brings a fresh new perspective to his position in the company, a position that has grown stagnant and entranced by the old methods—the way that will no longer enable our organizational survival (Goodale, 2001). First we will tackle a few lesser company changes such as selling our shares of organizations with which we have no business being diversified. This move will help re-focus our company to its core business—beverage production, marketing, distribution, and sales. This fundamental shift will also instantaneously create much needed capital to be utilized
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