Definition Of Quality And Customer Retention

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My Article discussed why it necessary to have a clears definition of quality and what customer satisfaction is .The first point that this article makes is summed exactly by the first line of the abstract that, “No consensus has been reached on a definition for quality; the term is defined differently for products and services, for different industries, and for different levels of dimensionality” (Wick, Rothelin, 2009, p.1) This study investigates the major definitions of quality and the antecedents of customer retention to establish a foundation for a new definition of quality based on satisfaction. Quality is defined as the summation of the effective evaluations by each customer of each attitude object that creates customer satisfaction.”…show more content…
For a company to utilize quality management, effectively it has to get a clearly defined meaning of it to be active. A great struggle is overcoming conventional wisdom regarding quality. Managers and others alike seem to be embedded that quality means goodness; that error is inevitable; and that people don’t give a damn about doing good work. From what I Quality is a free component that can be used with no expense to an operation or product. Using quality management in a company is a way of ensuring that activities will go right the first time, and the way they are planned. Our world in business now is so complicated; quality management is needed. For a company nowadays to not have some type of control for the standards of the company should be considered solecism. To find your standards of quality, all the right steps have to be measured correctly. Measurement becomes a matter of defining expectations. A problem that companies run into is they have difficulty measuring important aspects of their progress. I believe that organization is the key to observing progress accurately.
Another main point I took from the article was that as the economy expands, customers nowadays have more choices for where they get their services and products. Businesses should have adequate models in place to satisfying customers needs to keep retention. Customers have so many options that can quickly turn them away from their
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