Definition Of Racism Essay

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Q- “From your point of view, how would you define racism?”
A- “Racism is when you, what I, what I think, is whenever you intentionally hold someone back because of their either skin color, ethnicity, or gender. But, race obviously implies race, so yeah whenever you’re intentionally holding someone back, uh for your own personal gate.”
2. Q- “Growing up, did you ever experience or witness racism towards you or your family?” A- “Uh, you know it’s funny that you asked that question because a lot of times, you know I do. When I taught at Alton High, I had a lot of training and social justice and those kinds of things so it made me think about a lot about of my own family history. And uh, my mom definitely because I was a hidden pregnancy, and my mom, you know how she was working in town, uh she was a police dispatcher and at that time, they would go around and mark the tires. And she had people coming out of their businesses, uh you know, calling her “n-lover” and all those kinds of things, and chasing her, just being very brutal to her. But me, um I never really got that growing up. You know, kids are kids, and they would ask if I was mixed or whatever that was, but that was about the end of it, it was more like curiosity and just once
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Q- “Does the novel seem to think that racism will eventually be overcome or remain the same?” A- “The way the novel’s portrayed or at least my reading of it is it’s gonna stay the same because they’re almost locked into their social roles and their society roles and their expectations. They don’t feel like anything is going to change, especially in that situation. You have a small town that’s really outgrowing, there’s nothing new coming in, there’s no progressive types of things that are changing anything. Um, the novel’s portrayed, in my opinion as this is how it is, this is how it’s always gonna be, and those people that do things differently, like Atticus are kind of the outsiders of, of the
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