Definition Of Racism

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Title When it comes to racism we all have our own opinion on what this term may mean. However, when it comes to race, there are privileges not many of us have the opportunity to take advantage of because on our ethnicities. The word racism can have different meanings depending on what your own viewpoint is. Racism has been common for plenty of decades and in fact, is very popular today. In fact, well known speakers such as Beverly Daniel Tatum and Peggy McIntosh provide their own viewpoints on the common topics of race and racism. First, Beverly D. Tatum’s viewpoint on racism is that she does not see it as an act of hate, but rather she sees it as a system of privileges based on one’s own race (Sweeney, 33). Tatum makes it clear throughout this excerpt that race determines the privileges you are guaranteed to receive and the fact that those privileged individuals do not notice the power they have compared to others. She connects the idea of white privilege with her definition of racism, and clearly states that racism could also be connected with people of color; however, people of color are not racist because they do not benefit from racism (Sweeney, 37). Tatum gives many examples of White privilege to support her idea that racism is a system of advantage based on race. For instance, Tatum talks about one of her students who was a White male that was in her psychology of racism course and that he did not know how advantaged he was until the end of this class. This White

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