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Reflective Learning Statement
Student Name: MA Kwok Ho Student ID: 14007491S
During the period of internship, I have really learnt so many things about the operation of the hotel – Regal Kowloon Hotel. In these days, I worked in the Housekeeping Department, and tried almost all of the positions in this department. These positions are Housekeeping Officer (RA), Housekeeping Supervisor, Assistant Housekeeper, Order Taker, Housekeeping Attendant for Public Areas (PA) and U&L Attendant.
As a Housekeeping Officer, the main duties are making up the rooms, cleaning other areas of the allocated floors, assigning newspaper to rooms, receiving and handling orders from Order Takers, Housekeeping Supervisor and Guests, and reporting every special matter to Supervisor and Order Takers, such as Lost & Found. Furthermore, Housekeeping Officer has to check if those snacks and drinks in rooms are expired periodically. If guests have enjoyed any snack or drink, RA should charge the guests according to the list of prices of foods and drinks. And about the way for them to charge, I think every hotel has the own way to do. In Regal Kowloon Hotel, RAs always use the phones inside the guest rooms and input a series of codes, and then the computer will get the information and add the value to the guest’s bill simultaneously. Finally, when guests check out, they will pay money for both room rate and the charges of food or drink.
As a Housekeeping Supervisor, the main duties are inspecting
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