Definition Of Satire Humor

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The aim for satirical humor is to provoke readers and even listeners to criticize the words and actions of the people who lead them, they can be politicians and even divine figures but when those words and actions are offensive or harmful to those whom they profess to lead, it can cause chaos, disruption and pain. Warburton writes about the difference between giving and taking offence and that were supposed to accept the fact that satirical humour is supposed to make us uncomfortable and that were not supposed to take offense to it but let’s not forget that exercising these liberties includes duties and responsibilities according to Ali Mohamed. Our right should be practiced and used to advocate against government corruption, for equal rights, social justice and many other things that actually matter and have value to all of us and bring us together and help us move forward as a society.…show more content…
But it’s not just the Muslims who are targeted they also frequently promote sexism and homophobia. After the tragedy, social media took a stand and created the hashtag “JeSuisCharlie” defending the rights of freedom of speech but If “being” Charlie means condoning xenophobia (among other things) maybe it’s time to re-evaluate what it means. Because to still profess that “You Are Charlie” is taking on a meaning that “I’m for speech, no matter how disgusting and in poor taste it is.” Although the publication continues to put out controversial drawings, Charlie Hebdo has recently decided to no longer publish cartoon images of Mohammad, which is a smart move on their part but was also done out of realization that violence can occur over silly little
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