Definition Of Scientific Management Theory Essay

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The term scientific management is the combination of two words i.e. scientific and management. The word "Scientific" means systematic analytical and objective approach while "management" means getting things done through others. Scientific management theory seeks to improve an organization 's efficiency by systematically improving the efficiency of task completion by utilizing scientific, engineering, and mathematical analysis. The goal is to reduce waste, increase the process and methods of production, and create a just distribution of goods. This goal serves the common interests of employers, employees, and society.
Scientific Management theory is important for every business it is followed by every industrial business operation whole in the world. it is a general process of business practices such as planning, process design, quality control, ergonomics and cost accounting. This theory provide good knowledge and understanding of industrial management. this theory also make us understand about how a one person (manager) can use quantitative analysis and other measureable data, an examination numbers, in management to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of business operations.
In addition to this, Fredric w.Taylor and the Gilbreths was introduced the methods of measuring worker productivity, including time studies and motion studies, which are still used today in operations and management. After that, Henry Fayol introduced the 14 principle
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