Definition Of Teamworking And Its Advantages And Disadvantages Essay

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Definition of teamworking and its advantages and disadvantages According to Google Dictionary, it states: ‘the combined action of a group, especially when effective and efficient.’ The advantages are as follows: 1. You can get the work done faster if you have a balanced team. 2. You are able to get the opportunity to socialise with the people you work with, whether it’s a relationship, simple or mutual friendship. 3. You will have your work done to the satisfaction of yourself, the others and the higher power of the workplace. However, there are some disadvantages with teamworking: 1. If you have one weak link in your team, you will get the work done in a slower pace. 2. You will most likely be paired up with someone that you don’t like, feel uneven with or have a very bad history with the person. 3. It all comes down with how you work with the team and how fast you can do the work. If you’re fast and nimble, you can get the work done in no time. However, if you’re slow and steady, you will most likely bring the team down to a screeching halt and considered to be the weakest link in the whole entire team of workers. There are many different types of functions of teamworking that you must be aware of, in fact there are 7 of them. These are: • Functional Teams – This performs specific objectives in an organization. • Cross-Functional Teams – These are workers who are often temporarily put together to work as a team. • Leadership Teams – This is a team of leaders
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