Definition Of Total Quality Management

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Total Quality Management
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Introduction 3
Thesis Statement 4
What Is Total Quality Management 4
Definitions of TQM 5
The Concept of Continuous Improvement by TQM 7
Total Quality Management Principles 8
1. Customer focus 8
2. Employee skills development 9
3. Operations improvement 9
4. Integrated system 9
5. Strategic Approach 10
6. Constant change 10
7. Strengthen leadership 10
8. Effectiveness in communication 11
Implementation of TQM 11
Executives’ responsibility: 11
Operational Management 12
Design of the product 12
Employee integration 12
Customer satisfaction and involvement 12
Conclusion 13
Bibliography 14

Total Quality Management
The last decade of the twentieth century brought great development to the world and especially it has introduced new techniques and ideas to improve the business world. Subsequently, in the decade of 1990s the business world was revolutionized with the quality management technique in business. It was the time when the businesses started to embrace the concept of quality and so they started to use it as a competitive advantage (Abusa, 2013).
In the past business practices as most of the business was working on the base of supply and demand and consumer behavior were also making their decision on the base of the availability of the product. However with the development the consumer behavior also changed as the technological development changed the rules and patterns of business
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