Definition Of Wellness As A Quality And State Of Being Healthy

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Merriam-Webster define wellness as a quality or state of being healthy. In common, wellness is defined as the motion of changing one’s lifestyle and embracing health enhancing behaviors. The notion of improving the state of health has a long history in an American culture. Common themes of eating right foods, exercising, weight control and quitting smoking have been wildly spread in the last century and are echoed in every health promotion and disease prevention programs. Wellness programs have been incorporated into law in forms of exceptions to promote health and reduce costs associated with absenteeism, healthcare spending and insurance premiums. The author of the article “Critical Perspective on Wellness” published in Journal of health politics, policy and law in 2014, argues that today’s workplace wellness programs give provision for discrimination. Moreover, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act further facilitate discriminatory treatment of employees based on their health status. The corporate wellness programs have been criticized by many due to its tendency to be moralistic and capricious. Many sociologists like, Peter Conrad, Howard M. Leichter argue that those programs despite of focusing on improving employee’s health statue, are more of a form of corporate control and give rise to discrimination based on health, weight, pregnancy and so on. According to the author recent policy changes and increase in corporate wellness programs that are written into
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