Definition Of Wellness As A Quality And State Of Being Healthy

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Merriam-Webster define wellness as a quality or state of being healthy. In common, wellness is defined as the motion of changing one’s lifestyle and embracing health enhancing behaviors. The notion of improving the state of health has a long history in an American culture. Common themes of eating right foods, exercising, weight control and quitting smoking have been wildly spread in the last century and are echoed in every health promotion and disease prevention programs. Wellness programs have been incorporated into law in forms of exceptions to promote health and reduce costs associated with absenteeism, healthcare spending and insurance premiums. The author of the article “Critical Perspective on Wellness” published in Journal of …show more content…
In contrast, the participatory programs provide the occasion for health status improvement without consequences (for example: reimbursement for the cost of membership in a fitness club), the health contingent programs provide reward and in return a punishment (no reduction in premium) for those who don’t achieve the specific goal, like weigh reduction or normalization of blood pressure. Those programs categories employees, and allows differentiation of charges for insurance premiums. “The Affordable Care Act that increase the maximum permissible reward under a health-contingent wellness program from 20 percent to 30 percent of the cost of health coverage, and that further increase the maximum reward to as much as 50 percent for programs designed to prevent or reduce tobacco use” (U.S. Department of Labor). According to the author, a maximization of the employees’ productivity is the ideology behind the corporate wellness programs. A person who is always strongminded, motivated and determined is the perfect model of an employee. It is understandable that employers would value those traits, however the author argues that the wellness programs promote creation of “hierarchies of citizens in a democratic community” (Kirkland, A. 2014). The antidiscrimination laws prevents employers from classifying employees based on sex, race,

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