Definition of Adolescent Development

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Definition of Adolescent development:
The development of children ages 12 through 19 years old is expected to include predictable physical and mental milestones.

Derived from the Latin verb adolescere (to grow into maturity), adolescence is the period of transition from childhood to adulthood. Adolescent is a distinct and dynamic phase of development in the life of an individual. It is a period of transition from childhood to adulthood and is characterized by spurts of physical, mental, emotional and social development. WHO considers "adolescence" to be the period between 10-19 years of age, which generally encompasses the time from the onset of puberty of the full legal age.

During adolescence, children develop
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They exhibit exuberant imagination. 6. Sexual attraction: adolescents feel attracted towards the opposite sex. These feelings manifest themselves in extreme passion. 7. Revolting tendency: The adolescent wants to free himself from bondage. There is a tendency to revolt against authority.
During adolescence, young people go through many changes as they move from childhood into physical maturity. Early, prepubescent changes occur when the secondary sexual characteristics appear.
Physical changes during Adolescence

|Boys |Girls |
|Increase in height |Beginning of menstruation |
|Growth spurt |Enlargement of breasts |
|Permanent teeth are in |Increase in height |
|Oily skin |Broadening of hips |
|Broadening of shoulders |Growth spurt |
|Development of
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