Definition of Friendship

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As a child, there was a plaque on my father’s den wall that I would read everyday. It read, “A friend is someone who knows all about, and loves you anyway.” I did not understand what it meant. I though it was a cynical quote against friendship, being my father was the sarcastic type. As an adult, I have to admit secret apologies to my dad, because now I understand the concept and meaning, and hold it to be true in my heart of what friendship is about. Being an evolving emotion, friendship enters and flees life, faster than the speed of light. You will never know when you might meet a true friend, and cannot fathom the day that you will part company with one. In the third grade, while playing jump rope with classmates, we engaged in…show more content…
Opening up your heart helps to heal emotional wounds and reminds friends of your appreciation for them. Often times, we forget to remind our friends of how special they are to us and letting them know that you do trust them with your problems as well as you triumphs. As adults we learn that opening up to our trusted friends is natural, not “corny” and “un-cool” as in our younger days. People don’t talk much about the love friends have for one another. When people describe friends, they often use the word like. “Like” isn’t strong enough to describe the bond shared between friends. In a true friend, you never get tired of their company, and you can always be yourself. You can confide and depend on them in ways we never knew we could with others. What we must realize is the fact that during our adolescent years, our friends were forced, through school and other activities. As an adult, we make our own choices, and befriend those that we deem worthwhile. We also learn that the number of these friends drops dramatically, in some cases to two or three people. That fact does not mean a person is unfriendly, it is just a reality that there are only so many people who will actually be there for you. When I say there, I mean emotionally, mentally, financially, etc. A true friend can understand why you need a little help this month on bills, or why you don’t want to hang out. Friends can see right through you, like
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