Definition of Leadership

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A reflection paper Leadership can be defined as a process where one individual influences one or more individuals to work towards a common goal (Northouse, 2009). I am passionate about leadership and this is what I currently do. I am an active duty professional with more than 33 years experience in the military. I have trained, cared for, motivated and led about 7,000 soldiers in various operations during my active duty years. My aim is to ensure that all the soldiers under my command are equipped physically and mentally to defeat the enemy, complete the mission and return back safely to their families at the end of each mission. As a veteran of Desert Shield/Desert Storm, Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom missions, I understand what it takes to see the enemy and fight against them. Motivation and courage are vital for any soldier to continue their fight and this is exactly what I give them through talks and training. My role as a trainer and mentor has given me the unique opportunity to connect with my soldiers at a personal level and it makes my job that much more satisfactory for me. The soldiers I have trained and mentored have a lot of trust and confidence in me and they are ready to accept my command and to do what is best for the mission as well as the country. This has helped me to learn so much about people management and psychology and I believe this vast experience brings out the best leadership traits in me each and every time. Through
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