Definition of Management and Managerial Roles

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According to Armstrong and Michael (2008, p.2) the fundamentals of management is deciding what need to be done and getting it done through people in organization. The researchers are highlighting that people of an organization is the main resource that is needed by a manager to manage other resources in operating an organization, which indicates that a large proportion of management work is done through people of the organization. As easy as it may seems managerial work still requires manager to be personally involved in dealing with eventualities. Therefore, it is important that all managers be equipped with some qualifications, skills, values and motivation. In accordance to this, i would like to share a common metaphor made between a …show more content…
The logical explanation for this is the act of managers as leaders to motivate and direct people, strategize, plan, control as well as to develop things within an organizational unit. As an example shown by Hill and McShane (2008, p.13), Rose Marie Bravo of Burberry provided the organization a strategic insight, portraying it as a hip, high-end brand in the mind of consumers and engaging Burberry’s employees in that vision as well. By doing this I reckon that the manager of Burberry is providing the organization a path or direction towards achieving unison vision among personnel.
As stated by Hill and McShane (2008), informational roles are concerned with gathering, analyzing and disseminating information obtained from network of contacts either internally or externally. Mintzberg (2007) specifies that 40 percent of managers’ time is contributed in transmission of information. Firstly, manager act as monitor of an organization. As monitor, manager needs to scan the environment every now and then in order to update his information, interrogates his network contacts including his subordinates and obtain unprompted information mostly from personal contacts. Additionally, some of the information is obtained through picking up gossips, rumors and speculations (Mintzberg, 2007). A study done by Neustadt shown in (Mintzberg, 2007) reveals that the core of Roosevelt’s technique for collecting information was competition. For instance, (Hill and McShane, 2008)
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