Definition of Peer Editing

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In peer editing, the students or learners would take the role of the teacher or tutor in order to check and to comment on a piece of work produced by another student or learner. These individuals would make comments orally or in writing about the work of their peers. This considered to be similar to peer review, peer feedback or peer response.

Benefits of Peer Editing in Teaching and Learning of Writing.

In most university courses which aim at enhancing students’ writing skills, the students are trained on either functional or academic writing. For ESP courses, they learn about language points and how to organize ideas to fit the format of writing such as writing business and social letters and reports. For academic writing, they mainly gain practice on language points which include grammar, structure which is related to the type of writing and organizing ideas for paragraph and essay writing. Limited time causes less time for training students to be used to writing as a slow process. To help each learner to learn to write, it is essential to train them to be familiar to writing as a process so as to be more aware of not only ‘what’ to write but also ‘how’ to write. In such case, they learn to follow the steps of pre-writing, while writing and also post writing. Repetition of this practice in class will make peer editing a step of writing which is familiar to…

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