Definition of Success

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Kristen Campbell ENGL 1302 Kimberly Dill 3/7/2012 Standards of Success Success, as described by Winston Churchill, is “…going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.” This has taken on greater meaning in our modern day, as the path to success has seemingly become more complex. Is the American dream still valid? I would say yes, considering that we are currently in a recession. The term “American Dream” is used in a number of ways, but really the American Dream is an idea that suggests that all people can succeed through hard work, and that all people have the potential to live happy, successful lives. Many people have expanded or refined the definition of the American Dream. This concept has also been subject to a…show more content…
But of the people who do achieve success, I say it is luck far more than anything else that drives it. Everyone’s vision of success is different. Wealth, happiness, and fame are all the stereotypical goals of the common person’s so-called “American Dream.” My American dream includes more of the first two aspects than anything else. Happiness is the most important; without happiness, wealth and fame are useless. Without happiness, success cannot exist. If you cannot look at yourself in the mirror and evaluate your own life as a success, then why should anyone else consider you successful? Wealth can contribute to happiness. No matter what anyone says, having more material goods makes your standard of living better, which normally is a direct connection to happiness. Fame, to me, isn’t needed but rather acquired through the life of the successful person. A legacy is more honorable than fame, because after death fame is a more humble characteristic. Changing others lives, after they looked at your life in retrospect, makes fame an irreplaceable part in success. What once was obtained through hard work and perseverance now requires more technical training and business savvy. The markets, once open to the everyday American, now requires a compass to travel through the maze that has become our financial problem, otherwise known to the rest of the world as Capitalism. Having said
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