Definition of Violence

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Definition of violence

Initially, I classified “violence” into two categories: physical violence and mental violence. My definition for physical violence was, actions that cause damages or harms to things or people physically; my definition for mental violence was, mental destruction or harm. I defined violence this way because I believe that no matter by what means, mental or physical, if something or someone has been harmed, then it is regarded as violence. Such as destructing public properties, insulting others on a daily basis, and murdering.

“Indirection” and Influence
After the activity, I realized that my definition did not include all types of violence, and there were “holes” in it. Take committing suicide for example, the act of
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The action not only causes huge panic but is also potentially dangerous. The consequences of the bomb once activated could be catastrophic. And people tend to think this way: if someone threatens to place a bomb in an open public area, they are intending to blow it up. There may be a large possibility of blowing it up but there is no concrete fact that the people will do so, depending on whether it is truly their intention. But the problems are that intentions can change, and hardly anyone knows one’s true intentions. I believe this is also why “violence” is very hard to define.

I remember a picture of a man seemingly shouting at a woman painfully, the woman looks like she is tearing and her body gestures seems to be implying refusal to the man’s actions, both of them look as if they’re in extreme pain. It is only a picture, displaying a snapshot of a situation with so many unknowns. Simply by judging the picture, a large number of classmates think it is violence, as there is physical contact and seems rather intense, while few thinks that there might a good reason behind such act, or it is hard to judge from a picture with no details or information on the background of the picture. For each picture, there could be thousands of different interpretations and understandings. Some may think it’s violent, some may not, but either way, it is only a judgment by the face of the picture but not the whole situation. I can understand why some people including
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