Definitions Of Leadership And Management

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Definitions of leadership and management.

Although the interviews conducted were unstructured all three practitioners were asked for their definition of leadership and management. It was thought that questions about leadership and management could be interpreted in so many ways, whereas having their interpretation helped to better understand where they were coming from. It was important to understand each individual perception.

In the interviews conducted management was believed to generate responsibilities such as planning, paperwork, day- to- day running and that health and safety is in place. Where as leadership was believed to be more involved with what the children do, helping others perform their role, inspiring others. A conversation with practitioner two, that was recorded in the field notes revealed staff not wanting to be thought of as a manager, preconceived ideas of management made the role something they did not want to aspire to. 'Authoritative ' was a word used. Practitioners stressed on their dislike for the term 'managing ',

'I don 't like the idea of managing, I don 't think I manage ' (Practitioner two).

As early years practitioners, the most important aspect of the job is working with the children.

'Many complain of too much paper work that takes practitioners away from working with the children, which most enjoy and a reason for their career choice in the first place. If practitioners link managerial roles with paperwork, which most…
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