Definitions Of Probation And Probation

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Classifications of Probation According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, at year end of 2012, more than 4.7 million adults were under some form of community probation in the United States (Bonczar and Maruschak, With so many adults on probation, one could only ask how they all are supervised. With the criminal justice system already bursting at the seams with offenders, its main objective is to keep offenders out of this already exhausted system. Probation, also called intermediate sanctions, is designed to do just that. Prison terms may be too harsh for some offenders, while traditional probation may be too lenient for others. Intermediate sanctions bridge the gap between prison and traditional probation (Allen and Latessa 106). Also, intermediate sanctions help the criminal justice system to tailor the punishment to fit the crime (Allen and Latessa 106). More often than not, intermediate sanctions will be coupled with another type of punishment, such as restitution or fines (“What is Intermediate Punishments?”).With a variety of options available through intermediate sanctions to hold offenders accountable for their actions, each provide the common thread of crime deterrence. Intermediate sanctions can be best describe by imagining a ladder. The bottom of the ladder is traditional probation and the top is prison, the rungs in between are intermediate sanctions (“What is Intermediate Punishments?”). Each have their own range of severity when compared to…

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