Definitions Of Sex And Gender

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What are the definitions of sex and gender? The meanings of sex and gender can be viewed as what society see us as. A clear definition of sex can be defined as the biological characteristics among male and female, whereas, gender is the style in which society views the contrast among both male and female. Nowlan states that “sex in contrast, has been most often used to refer to the sum of the physical characteristic that makes us biologically male and female” (Bob Nowlan 4) Moreoverly, “gender, in contrast, is the activity of managing situated conduct in light of normative conceptions of attitude and activities appropriate for one’s sex category” (Zimmerman 4) Society and cultural background have placed a large emphasis on practices regarding gender roles and identity. Throughout the years, we all have seen that society 's standards and expectations for men and women are altogether different. From the minutes we are conceived, our lives are formed by our biological characters, which thusly, are further affected by a boundless number of cultural, environmental and mental strengths. At this point in our lives we are assumed sorted roles of how to behave as a boy or girl. We are told how to dress, act and fit into society’s norms. We focus on these roles without being given opportunity to choose our paths in life. Even when we reach adulthood, these social and mental forces are still very common to us. Figuring out what it feels like to be male and
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