Definitions Of The Self Essay : Aggressive Criminal Behavior

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Approaches to the self essay: Aggressive Criminal Behaviour This essay will compare and contrast two opposing approaches to self; the biological view of ‘the embodied self’ with the social constructionist theory. In doing this it will discuss how each approach relates to various aspects of the predisposition between nature and nurture as a binary. It also aims to outline and evaluate how each approach attributes etiologies to aggressive criminal behavior using examples from theorists such as DiLalla and Gottesman (1991) with criminal biology and Kurbin and Weitzer (2003) social disorganization theory. In an attempt to combine the two approaches, the diathesis-stress model with be applied to criminal behaviour. Schacter et al (2012) stated that all early theories of crime were biological. Indeed, until the early 20th century, biological theories and criminology were virtually synonymous. For example Lombroso (1896) was a pioneering figure in this field for attempting to make criminology an empirical science by identifying physical characteristics of criminals. Despite the fact that his theory has been discredited over the years, his research was highly influential. This highlights how criminology was origionally thought to result from nature aspects such as physiology and genetic makeup. But then biological theories were pushed aside by sociological explanations of criminal behavior around the time when social psychology took over following the events of the holocaust.

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