Definitions of the Terms Chicano and Aztlan

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Historically, the terms Chicano and Aztlan actually had a variety of different meanings. What was interesting about those meanings, particularly for the term Chicano, was that they were defined and implemented by the people who the terms referred to. Initially, the term Chicano was used to define a person of Mexican-American ancestry who lived in the United States. There were a couple of factors that led to this definition, the most salient of which was the rejection of White Americans of the status of Mexican Americans in the U.S., and the alienation of those same Mexican Americans by Mexicans when the former travelled to Mexico. Quite simply then, Chicano was a term that referred to a hybridization of cultures that originated from Mexico and the U.S. (Gutierrez). There were also a significant amount of connotations for the aforementioned denotation of the term Chicano that arose in the 1960's Chicano Movement. The most important of these was based on the sense of social awareness and political activism that characterized those of the Mexican American hybrid culture who were educated and sought reform due to the facts learned via their education (Gutierrez). College students developed an attitude that greatly resembled that of a sense of entitlement after having learned about their culture and history names that Mexico originally occupied land in California and that in other parts of the U.S. This awareness led these (relatively) young people to become politically active

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