Deflategate: An Entire Scandal Based on Insecurity Essay

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Juan-Carlos Licona
English 102
Professor Black
February 8, 2015
Insecurity or No?

When it comes to sports, a competitive mindset is key. In American football, it’s hard not to win without communication and teamwork. In the NFL playoffs of 2015, the New England Patriots beat the Indianapolis Colts 45-7 for the AFC Championship. In a game that originally portrayed the Patriots as an offensive force to be reckoned with, ended out to be a game that goes down in history. After further investigation, the NFL found 11 of the Patriots' 12 footballs in the game to be underinflated by about 2 pounds below the NFL’s requirement. Now whether the allegations are determined to be true or not, it does raise some speculation about the truth of the AFC
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Hasty generalizations draw conclusions based on too little evidence (Mauk). Not surprisingly, the author assumes everyone who despises the fact that the Patriot’s won the championship is tired of hearing about their success. Although I grant his quasi-conservative generalization to be partly true, I still maintain that whoever questions New England’s success has a pretty good reason to believe so. Instead of the looking at the big picture and considering both sides of the spectrum, the author continues to back up his anti-liberal outlook as he states, “The Patriots are right to feel like they are in the center of the crosshairs, the object of disaffection, and the target of a witch hunt. The whole false outrage isn't about the legacy of the Patriots; it's about the legacy of those making the claims. It's coming from those of past dynasties that are afraid that the Patriots have lapped them in the all time rankings. It's coming from players who are so willing to overlook their own warts in order to point out the Patriots'.” Here the author not only proves to present a objectivity disguise, which fools the audience into thinking the presented information is unbiased; but also introduces a red herring fallacy. Red herring fallacies are deliberate attempts to change the subject. Instead of dealing with the actual argument, the arguer introduces irrelevant points to distract the audience (Mauk). Clearly, the author seems

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