Deflategate Decision Making Case Analysis

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At this writing, the world awaits Judge Richard M. Berman’s next, and potentially final, Deflategate decision. Following the NFL’s dismissal of New England Patriots’ celebrity quarterback Tom Brady’s appeal against his four-game suspension—a Deflategate punishment that rests upon shaky ground—the judge wants to resolve the case before the 2015 regular season kicks off on September 10th. The decision will follow a high-profile hearing on August 31st, at which NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and Brady will be present. Under the NFL’s 2011 collective bargaining agreement, Goodell holds the supreme power to do whatever he thinks is best, whether his team owners agree with him or not. Controversy has raged in sports media, and sometimes on front…show more content…
“What exactly are the benefits here for the NFL? To besmirch the legacy of one of its most popular players ever? To anger an entire region of the country? To alienate one of the most powerful owners in the league in [the Patriots’] Robert Kraft? It doesn’t make any sense,” wrote USAToday’s Nate Scott (August 21, 2015). Deflategate has undermined Goodell’s legendary power over the league, leading some observers to question discreetly whether it’s time for the NFL to mobilize its younger leaders for the future. Kraft’s son has commented that NFL discipline needs to be “rethought for the modern…show more content…
In February 2015, a video of Ray Rice, the “face of the Baltimore Ravens,” beating his then-fiancée unconscious in a hotel elevator went viral. Following his arrest and indictment on aggravated assault charges, he entered a pre-trial program for first offenders, usually intended for perpetrators of “victimless” crimes. Suspended from play indefinitely, Rice won an appeal to the NFL, and was reinstated, available for hiring should any team be willing to go near him.

The Carolina Panthers’ Greg Hardy has been caught brutalizing his ex-girlfriend four times. His punishment was a 10-game suspension. Most recently, John Bowlen, son of Denver Broncos owner Pat Bowlen, was arrested in July after his girlfriend called 911, begging for help. Significant criticism followed Goodell’s handling of the Ray Rice case, triggering calls for his resignation. But, sources have said, the NFL commissioner will "never"
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