Deforestation : A Plague Of The Forests

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A Plague of the Forests
Although deforestation is helping the development of many countries, cities and states, humans should work as hard as they possibly can to bring a halt to deforestation. This plague among the forests is causing harm not only to humans, with the drastic climate change, but this is also causing animals to become extinct. In some ways, deforestation makes our society come across as self-serving, by using the cleared lands for our own personal advantages, such as: construction of homes, businesses, amusement parks, dams, performances of oil extraction, mining and industrial agriculture. “The Amazon has lost at least seventeen percent of forest cover in the last half century due to human actions” (Giant Panda). The
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Animals are able to migrate, but how can they recover from their homes being destroyed? It is not just the deforestation itself that clears out the diverse animal populations, but the effects that come along with it. Deforestation can cause a major issue with climate change that causes temperature swings, these temperature swings that often result in droughts, can sometimes result in forest fires that harm the animals.
Not only is there animal homes destroyed in the process of deforestation, but the homes of nearly three hundred million people are being destroyed along with it. In the forests, they can find so many resources to help them survive in the wooded areas, such as: plants they use as medicine, freshwater, different berries and fruits they use as food, along with fresh air. When people’s homes are being destroyed and they need to relocate this is creating an issue with reduced biodiversity. “Inside forests, climate change is already harming biodiversity, a threat that is likely to increase” (Bradford, Alina). Some problem creating factors of this is the disruption of the water cycle, increased soil erosion and the conversion of the forests. Farmers believe that deforestation can be useful to convert a forest into a site for cattle grazing, turbines, growing soybeans or palm oil, however, in reality, this makes only makes the conditions for planting worse. ( A cleared land disrupts the water cycle, the absence of trees
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