Deforestation: A Simple Solution To A Distopian Society

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In the story ten billion that we have been reading in class talks about all these different problems in the world. I believe that we are heading towards a distopian society. Ten billion does as great job about talking about the world problems. There are millions of way to stop what the author is saying and we can change the way we are heading. We could stop our society from becoming a distopian society. We are the only ones that could stop what is happening in the world. Ten billion talks about deforestation and that needs to stop we are cutting down animals habitats and trees provide us with air a natural necessity for all human beings. We need air to breathe and live and the less trees means the less air we have to breathe. We can not keep chopping down as many trees as we are…show more content…
But there is a simple solution stop cutting down as many trees as we are or for every tree we cut down we grow a new one those are the simplest solutions to deforestation. Not only deforestation but the cause of deforestation is over population over the last 20 years the population has spiked drastically and with more people means more houses which means another forest cleared so we can build houses there for more people to live in. and because there are more people that need houses also means more people that need air and with more forests getting destroyed for those people who need houses they get less air because they cleared a forest for there house. Overpopulation is also a huge problem because of food major companies have to use chemicals to grow food faster so they can feed allot more people. Also more animals are getting breeded and killed for food so the billions of people on the earth can eat. We are killing animals who could have feelings, and were killing them for our own plessure and necessity. Yes i understand that we need to eat and we need food but we kill too many animals because billions of people need to eat and
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