Deforestation And Its Effects On Deforestation Essay

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Deforestation is “the act of cutting or burning down all of the trees in an area.” The original area covered by forests was approximately six billion hectares, however the total area of land covered by forests today is only four billion hectares. The issue is only expanding, and its challenges are becoming tougher every day. In fact, approximately sixteen million hectares of forest disappear each year. Forests cover more than twenty five percent of the world’s land, and more than half of that is found in the tropics. Deforestation has been around for more than five decades, and humanity has only just begun to find the causes of the problem. Forests cover approximately thirty percent of the world’s land. Deforestation represents one of the world’s largest issues in global land usage. In fact, humans are one of the biggest influences for deforestation. Farmers use a method known as the “slash and burn” process to cut down trees and grow their crops in the soil fertilized by the ashes. Many people use commercial logging, a process in which trees are trimmed and transported in order to build mills, by chopping down vast areas of forest for profit. Wildfires and overgrazing are also large issues that contribute to deforestation. This leaves the forest vulnerable to many global and environmental consequences. Everyday carbon dioxide is returned to the atmosphere as a greenhouse gas when trees are burned, and this has great potential to alter the global climate. As a result, there

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