Deforestation And Malari Deforestation

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Ben Mendlen
ISBL 201 012
19 February 2015
Deforestation and Malaria
Deforestation causes an increase in Malaria. Deforestation is the removing of trees to make it into an empty land. Deforestation occurs all over the world. Humans, who use the resources the forest can provide us, cause a lot of deforestation. Some of the resources we use are the trees it self for wood and also the certain foods it produces. Malaria is a disease. It is an illness that causes fevers by an organism that lives on a host, which is transmitted by mosquitoes (Koram et al., 2007). Mosquitoes spread the parasite to other living organisms. Malaria occurs all over the world. The disease likes to live in warmer areas, the hotter the weather
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The researchers found that there were shifts in habits by the mosquitos, but also in the forest itself. Because of the deforestation there was shifts in food sources and water, also the shifts in patters by humans, who created new ways of getting around (Vittor et. Al., 2009). This destroyed a lot of the rainforest. Deforestation occurs in the Amazon because of accessible reproduction areas (Vitto et al., 2009). Around the world there has been shifts in the transportation of the leech, which is involved with Malaria (Guerra et al., 2006). Deforestation is likely to be at a higher level in the years to come (Guerra et al., 2006). Because of the increase in Deforestation there will be an increase in Malaria as well because of the link between the two. Deforestation and the disease Malaria causes more Malaria exposure in the Americas and declines in Asia. Over the past couple of years there has been a huge increase in Malaria (Snow et al., 2006). Deforestation in areas such as; the Amazon, Africa, and Asia have been increasing dramatically (Guerra at al., 2006). Many different things can cause increases in Malaria. It can be caused by changes in environment by deforestation, changing the forest into rice paddies is a more stable environment for Malaria (Guerra et al., 2006). Depending on the different type of Malaria, deforestation can cause an increase in certain types of Malaria depending on the type of environment the Malaria likes (Guerra
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