Deforestation And Malari Deforestation

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Ben Mendlen
ISBL 201 012
19 February 2015
Deforestation and Malaria
Deforestation causes an increase in Malaria. Deforestation is the removing of trees to make it into an empty land. Deforestation occurs all over the world. Humans, who use the resources the forest can provide us, cause a lot of deforestation. Some of the resources we use are the trees it self for wood and also the certain foods it produces. Malaria is a disease. It is an illness that causes fevers by an organism that lives on a host, which is transmitted by mosquitoes (Koram et al., 2007). Mosquitoes spread the parasite to other living organisms. Malaria occurs all over the world. The disease likes to live in warmer areas, the hotter the weather the better because malaria needs hotter air to survive (CDC et al., 2015).

Hypothesis: The growth of deforestation in forested regions result in an increase in Malaria because of the conditions deforestation causes.

Results and Discussions:
This case looked at the reproduction of a Malaria disease (Vittor et Al., 2009). Researchers wanted to find out about this certain type of Malaria. Deforestation occurring in the Amazon has said to be why an increase in Malaria has been shown (Vittor et al., 2009). During researchers times in the rainforest, they wanted to find reproduction sites and ask about Malaria from the people of the region (Vittor et al., 2009). Right off the bat, the researchers were trying to figure out what was going on…
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