Deforestation And Pollution Essay

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As the human race grows ever larger, more attention is being brought to how we are affecting the world we live in. More people are being born everyday, and our race is using more resources than ever before. Because of this rate of consumption, the list of concerning environmental impacts from humans is incredibly long and disheartening. But a few concerns are at the forefront, and they must be acknowledged and managed carefully. The fate of the human race, as well as so many other species, depends on how we handle two things: deforestation and pollution. Humans are huge consumers. Our race uses the environment in any way we please, to get whatever we want. James M. Rubenstein, author of 2015 book The Cultural Landscape, states that “Human actions can deplete scarce environmental resources, destroy irreplaceable resources, and use resources inefficiently,” (36). Food, products, housing, and the list goes on, these are all things that humans in one way or another produce or harvest from the environment by modifying it. Large factories, housing developments, crop fields, are all culprits of changing the environment to fit our needs in a major way: deforestation. Deforestation is exactly what is sounds like, the clearing of masses of trees in order to use the land for human consumption. A 2016 article by Varsha Vijay et al titled, “The Impacts of Oil Palm on Recent Deforestation and Biodiversity Loss”, discusses palm oil plantations as one of the newest culprits of
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