Deforestation : Did The Mayan Way Of Deforestation Change The Climate?

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Deforestation: Did the Mayan’s way of deforestation change the climate?
It is widely known climate change is occurring because of multiple factors including greenhouse gases, human activity, and some scientists say solar irradiance. What most people do not know or simply have not thought of is how far back in history was climate change a problem or if it was an issue for early civilizations. It is apparent that early civilizations weakened for several reasons, but one reason in particular is affecting the world today. One particular civilization that is popular for their agriculture are the Mayans. The Maya empire occupied land that is now Guatemala. They were the most dominant native people before the 16th century and were intelligent in the way they did agriculture. With new research available, it is plausible to say the Mayans, did in fact, change the climate due to their way of deforestation.
Environmental effects of deforestation are pressing. Due to the significant amount of tree lost, animals have lost shelter, regulates temperatures, increased greenhouse gases, less water in the air to be returned to the soil, and soil erosion. There are different methods of deforestation which include clean-cut, selective logging, perennial shade, and the most used, slash-and-burn. Slash-and-burn is mostly used by small farmers and ranch owners in the tropics including the famous Amazon rainforest. The process of slash-and-burn was to cut down the tress in a particular plot of…
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