Deforestation Is Justified By Deforestation

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“The Amazon Rainforest covers over a billion acres, encompassing areas in Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia and the Eastern Andean region of Ecuador and Peru. If Amazonia were a country, it would be the ninth largest in the world.” (Raintree, 2012). Forests cover vast amount of space, but they provide the world with oxygen and remove carbon dioxide, a toxic gas. As deforestation occurs, many forests are being wiped out and replaced with farmland. This leads to the question “Can Deforestation Be Justified?” For the purpose of this essay, deforestation can be defined as Deforestation is the clearing of a forest or stand of trees where the land is thereafter converted to a non-forest us. Deforestation can be justified because it provides land for…show more content…
This means that more food is being produced for the same amount of land, so clearing trees is more beneficial today than when technology wasn’t as developed. “These farmers effectively increased the yield of soy on existing lands and they have also increased the head of cattle per acre by a factor of five or six . . . we are starting to see how responsive industry can be to consumer demands.” (Gibbs, 2010). Holly Gibbs is a part of the Department of Environmental Earth System Science, and she is affiliated with Stanford’s Wood Institute for the Environment. The co-author of the paper, Jon Foley, has a PhD and is a professor of Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior at the University of Minnesota. This quote shows that an increase in crop and cattle yield is keeping up with the consumer demands, and trees must be cleared to keep the balance in check. With more crops and cattle, farmers can keep up with the growing food demand due to an increasing population. Overall, deforestation provides space for farming which keeps people fed all around the world.
Subsequently, the tearing down of trees allows for more natural resources. Trees are mainly thought to make wood and paper, but there are actually a lot more benefits than just the first ones that are considered. Trees can make many items such as: medicines, natural remedies, tools, methods of transportation, firewood, industrial products and charcoal. According to Badal Hassan, a doctoral researcher for

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