Deforestation Of The Deciduous Forest

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Deforestation in the Deciduous Forest has become a very large problem over the past few years. It not only impacts the environment, but the wildlife and the humans as well. Deforestation is defined by as: to clear of trees, the cutting down or removal of most of the trees. This has a tremendous impact on all living organisms and can have long lasting effects on the environment. If this issue isn’t solved soon, then we will soon find ourselves in a great deal of problems. Deforestation in the Deciduous Forest is a serious problem and needs to be stopped. The Deciduous Forest, also known as the temperate forest, is the home of many wild animals. With the weather reaching up to 95 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer and the precipitation ranging from 30-60 inches a year it is the perfect habitat for many animals and plants. In the Deciduous Forest, you can find: oak and maple trees, shrubs, bear, deer, skunk, rabbits, birds, etc… Located in the Eastern United States and Europe, these animals depend on the Deciduous Forest for their homes. When we go into these forests and cut down these trees, we are cutting down the homes of many living organisms. Without trees to use as shelter, camouflage, or a source of food, many of these harmless animals will die and soon become extinct due to our lack of care and own self-interest. One issue that is rising due to deforestation is the loss of biodiversity in the deciduous forest. Biodiversity is defined as: the degree of
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