Deforestation Of The Tropical Rainforest

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Deforestation of the tropical rainforest in Brazil and surrounding countries

I. Introduction

Tropical rainforests are unique ecosystems with specific features that make them a world patrimony. Today about forests cover about 31% of the planet’s land. However, 46-58 thousand square miles of forest is destroyed yearly, equivalent to 36 football fields per minute. Besides its ecological value, they provide several exploitable resources, which make these forests important in an economical perspective. Most tropical rainforests in the world belong to developing countries, where deforestation has been recently occurring at high rates due to the development of agribusiness. Brazil, which can attribute approximately 50% of its area to the Amazon Forest, had its history marked by deforestation. There are several environmental impacts caused by deforestation, like loss of biodiversity and habitat, and changes in precipitation. These impacts can affect areas that go beyond the forest location. Such as this year drought in the central of Brazil around São Paulo state, this is 2500 miles away.

II. Deforestation in Brazilian Amazon rainforest

The Brazilian Amazon rainforest covers 49% of the Brazilian territory, which represents approximately 4.2 million square kilometers (420 million hectares/over 1 billion acres). Figure 1 (Distributed Active Archive Center (DAAC), 2007) illustrates the biome extent in the Brazilian map. The Amazon rainforest is…
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