Deforestation Persuasive Essay

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We often see ads like this on billboards, in train stations, or on a bus, most of us will simply gaze at it without thinking deeper about the subject matter, then go about our day. As we see an ad we often don’t analyse ads, however the message may implant into your subconscious. Using images is an excellent tactic to get a deep message across without making the audience reading anything. The WWF(World Wildlife Fund) uses this philosophy to convey the message that every forest destroyed by deforestation is another step closer to killing ourselves as a species. The World Wildlife Fund is an international non-governmental organization focused on conserving biodiversity and reducing humanity’s footprint on Earth’s environment, doing this through generous cash donations. They use this ad to improve awareness of the issue of deforestation.The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) used this ad to inform the everyday person to the symbolic effects of deforestation in 2008. The simplicity of this advertisement makes it far easier for the…show more content…
The logic of the argument is present in the effects of deforestation on the earth and the helpful aspects of the rainforests. This ad however glosses over the fact that new growth of plants produces more oxygen than preexisting growth. Fear is generated by the symbolism of the forests as lungs. The deforestation appears similar to rot or lung cancer. However the tagline on the bottom right shows that we can still prevent the issue from becoming too dangerous or malicious in the terms of cancer. Terminology parallels show that the issue can be prevented by appropriate action and knowledge on the issue. In this ad the World Wildlife Fund presents a very simple image with a much deeper message. This helps the audience to focus on the image and only the image. Which allows the subconscious to connect the symbolic parallels present in this
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