Deforestation Problems

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To this day, the human population has grown to over 7.5 billion consumers. With that number and the grand demand for wood grow exponentially. This grand consumption of the earth’s natural resources has caused severe problems to the land, the wildlife, and ultimately to the survival of every living being on the planet. Deforestation, the felling of trees for the purpose of transporting, selling, and purchasing has caused dire diminishment to the planet's natural resources. Scientist and researchers are looking for plausible solutions.

Human Impact and Deforestation
` Earth is like a math problem, and its solution requires every component or else it falls apart. Deforestation is taking away all of our trees, a vital component, from around the world. Deforestation is a process where trees are felled to be transported, bought and or to be sold. Our forests cover over 30 percent of our world’s surface,it is the home for many endangered animals who find shelter in them. Trees produce crucial elements such as oxygen, but these vital trees are going to disappear soon due to deforestation. What was such a green world has now succumbed to a brown, barren, and desolate land, and humans have everything to do with it. Humans cause deforestation by, agriculture, illegal logging and for housing, this spurs researchers to help produce a solution, Even though the problem is easily seen on the outside, the real issue lies within the 7.5 billion consumers who are okay and are uneducated
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