Deforestation in America Essay

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What is happening to the Earth? Our home is becoming a barren mass of sorrow. Most people in America are blind to what is going on. Could it be that every individual is just turning a cheek the other way. America is faced with an extremely serious problem, and if it is not acted upon there will be nothing left on Earth. Hopefully it will still be able to thrive after the numerous accounts of human destruction. Deforestation in America is a huge problem with devastating affects to humans. The root causes of this travesty are mainly the ongoing need to increase America's economic growth, and the idea of frontierism. These two aspects of deforestation tie together well. Together they help define the thought process that Americans have…show more content…
Frontierism plays a huge role in contributing to deforestation in America because it is enabling various logging companies to rationalize the need for wood. The demand for timber seems to be increasing in America as the rate of our forests decrease. The selfishness involved with this whole idea of frontierism is an outrage. Americans need to be further educated about frontierism and its persuasion on deforestation. This is one of the main problems why America is where they are today as far as the environment goes.

An average student at UNH wakes up in the morning and takes a hot shower which uses wood energy from the campus energy source. We write on numerous sheets of paper for notes, waste energy by leaving our lights on, computers running, and music playing. Not to mention the posters on students dorm room walls. All of these everyday factors influence the necessity for deforestation. If just two hundred students shut off their lights when they are not needed and only use their computers when necessary than UNH would save thousands of dollars in energy use.

For years upon years companies have wormed their way into the minds of Americans to consume. The companies mask all of the real problems. Many logging companies associated with larger corporations have failed to make Americans aware of the pollution and the increase in toxic gases and waste that is being dispersed every where. All that matters to them is the flow of money that the businesses are
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