Deforestation of Our Rainforests

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The most destructive and harmful tragedy that our rainforests, specifically the Amazon, suffer from is deforestation. Deforestation is the clearing or destruction of land throughout forests. Unfortunately, human beings are the number one cause of deforestation throughout the world. The reason if this is simply because we use the wood mainly for things like hydroelectric dams that power communities, palm oil for its biofuel resourcefulness, and the mining for diamond and gold. Another reason would be intentional fires that are used to destroy acres of forest in a quick amount of time for things like construction. Using fires to clear out land quickly is used because taking the time to clear out the land for what will be built would be slower using any other process. The wood can be useful but little do they know that deforestation is extremely harmful to the environment. Deforestation has many effects on the environment. First of all trees make oxygen and oxygen is a necessity for human life Trees exchange carbon dioxide (Green house gas) and turns it into oxygen which again we need to survive, if the carbon dioxide isn't changed fast enough then green house gases build up and the earth heats up carding to the cycle of "Global Warming". Not only that but destroying trees destroys countless ecosystems and organisms that are a part of nature, and changing ecosystems and habitats can affect many animals. Destroying the trees will cause a habitat change that will disrupt the
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