Deforestation of The Amazon Rainforest

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Brazil holds the global warming issue in the palms of its hands and the government of the world’s fifth-largest economy doesn’t seem to care. A recent article featured on states that the destruction of the Amazon rainforest rose 28% from August 2012 to July 2013 after 4 straight years of decline (Sibaja, 2013). I’m sure this may surprise some people because of the widespread concern of global warming and the affect it may have on future generations, but I don’t think the Brazilian government cares or is going to care unless another global superpower (France, Germany, China, United Kingdom, or the United States) presents some form of regulation and oversight to minimalize the emission of carbon dioxide. Photosynthesis and…show more content…
If we think about it, they are hand in hand. Loggers exporting hardwoods and farmers exporting soybeans have been key attributes to the growth of the Brazilian economy. Americans have also benefited from the “fruits” of this fertile land. Farm equipment seller John Deere has at least five agricultural dealerships along BR-163 and sells their machinery to local farmers. Cargill, a Minnesota-based food company, purchases the soybeans, ships them to Amsterdam, Netherlands, and then produces oil and animal feed to sell to consumers. However, Cargill and Brazil’s other soybean producers have a two-year agreement in place not to buy soybeans grown in deforested areas of the Amazon. This sends a signal worldwide that the environmental impact of deforesting the Amazon is grave (Wallace). The question we all need to ask in this case, why is it just a two-year agreement? Shouldn’t we as a global community be more concerned with the length of the agreement and if it will be extended? I guess we’re going to have to take baby steps with this matter if the Brazilian government is going to be the leader. That brings me back to my opening comments, do they care enough? Obviously, the warming of the environment is a global issue and Brazil needs to take the lead. My suggestion would be to implement a program like the United States Border Patrol, but use it for the Amazon instead. If international
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