Defusing the Conflict in Northern Ireland

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It seems that all, throughout history, Protestants and Catholics are always butting heads. Tensions were particularly high between Ireland and Britain with Ireland being Catholic and Britain Protestant. This religious discrepancy had a real effect on the Irish people, interfering with their Catholic tradition. The Irish people had longed for independence from the British for a long time; but, Britain really managed to agitate the Irish when they sent settlers from Britain and Scotland to settle in Northern Ireland. This agitation eventually grew into the Northern Ireland War, as the Protestants began to take control. If the Protestants had just settled into Northern Ireland and went about their life, there may have never been a war. The…show more content…
Sec.6-8 No attorney, six-clerk, solicitor, or officer shall take any papist or reputed papist to be his apprentice or clerk, or knowingly permit any popish solicitor, agent or manager to search records, pleadings, etc. or otherwise practice as such, upon pain of 50 pounds for each such offence, and to be held by the court to special bail. Provide solicitors etc. comprehended within the articles of Limerick are excepted. This law still follows the Limerick Treaty, but slowly the Treaty is betrayed, and it leaves the Catholic people with nothing. The Catholics also wanted full independence because they felt that the Protestants were affecting their identity, and they were afraid of losing it. One can see that that Irish united to fight for their cultural identity which was slowly being melded with the Protestant culture. Through the loss of the education system, they were losing their religious tradition. There were no more churches, and slowly their faith was becoming less connected to the people. By removing the identity of the Irish Catholics and influencing their culture directly and indirectly they are angering the Catholics, provoking rebellions. It was not the Irish Catholic identity that was being lost, through the restriction enforced on them they were also losing their political stature. They lost the power to have any say in the running of

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