Defying the Odds: Becoming a Successful Corporate Lawyer

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Throughout modern civilization, the American republic is widely known for its dependency upon the realm of business. Equally as vital, looms the ever-present hand of the American law system. “All beings have their laws: the Deity…man his laws” (Montesquieu,1), this statement serves true in founding that law is consistently a necessary portion in society because all society desires law. As a consequence of the continual presence of law, careers aimed to interpret the crevices of laws, and to defend them, are synonymously as necessary in society. Absolutely, the gain of America’s economy is a direct reflection of the lawyers who protect them. Lawyers are a necessity to the nation; serving their purpose as defenders of the law. The system of …show more content…
Honestly, there will always be immense career opportunities in the field of law due to the necessity of law within the systems of business. As the annual percentages of careers increase (10% annually) (occupational outlook handbook, 734), the ability for careers in law directly increase in the potential of benefits. Furthering the aforementioned statement, lawyers experience spontaneity, societal prestige, and increasing payment salaries. Unfortunately, the potential for careers in law also have negative entities within it. Among these are the intense amounts of stress, threats from unsatisfied clients, the extreme competitive nature of the workplace and more. Due to the presence of these negative career attributes, being a lawyer requires intense personal fortitude and a spontaneous perspective in the workplace and domestically. Citizens who endeavor to pursue a career in any field of law has the potential for aiming the arrows of stress and spontaneity into the direction of benefit; meaning that it is highly possible for the lawyer to begin to possess mental dexterity and cognitive thinking due to the mental requirements for the career. Careers in law altogether perform the ultimate task of benefitting and rewarding the few people who seek to enter this realm of excellence. Transferring into the realm of salary, the rewards associated with a career as a corporate (in-house) lawyer are immense
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