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Topic: Degree Programs at Penn State Lehigh Valley Purpose: To inform the class about the degree programs the Lehigh Valley campus has to offer. Central Idea: It is important to be educated about what the degree programs entail. I believe that all of us are here for a reason. Every moment of our lives has been set up to bring us to where we are now. At this very moment, we share something in common. We are all Penn State students. Despite attending a commonwealth campus, our degrees remain solely Penn State. But how much do you know about Penn State in its entirety. I’m sure you all know that Penn State offers an outstanding 160 degree programs. Two years of those programs can be completed here in the Lehigh Valley and in the…show more content…
Course work emphasizes classroom applications in technology integration, diverse learning, and accommodating students with special needs, and state and national education standards. Students can also complete two years of course work at the Lehigh Valley campus before transferring to another Penn State campus to complete the education degree. But what makes Penn State Lehigh Valley so great? PSULV offers the opportunity to complete two years of your general education program here. The general education program enables students to gain understanding of international interdependence and cultural diversity and develop consideration for values, lifestyles, and traditions that may differ from their own. Besides that, what else makes this campus’ two year degree program so unique? Well, according to second year Communications and Media Studies student Emily Finnegan “I didn’t think I was mature enough to live on my own and PSULV prepared me for Penn State main.” First year Biology student Lindelle George says “I feel good attending Penn State Lehigh Valley because they have so many opportunities. They offer a wide variety of classes and it feels more like a community. I chose to get my biology degree from here because I really wanted to get a good education from a great school.” She jokes that in the
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